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Hi, it's Graisa! 

An obvious Asian 20-ish y.o girl.

Maintaining work-blog balance.

GRS Project taken from my initial name.

I chose the name to be a home for my writings.


Thank you for willing to visit my page.

I create something that I want, not because people asked me to.

Ravenclaw defines me well. 

I love writing ever since I knew pencil. I'd like to maintain the existence of books and movies, so I keep writing about it. 

Sometimes I also like to share random things such as how I'm seeing life. 

Can't wait to befriend with you. 

Salam Hombimba.



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 Thank you for stopping by! 

 If you have any enquiries or have general questions feel free to drop me a    message.


I'm open for a discussion as well!  

Thank you for your lovely message. I will get back to you immediately. If you haven't heard from me in 3 working days, reach me through any of my social media direct message! Talk to you soon xx

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