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My New Year's Eve Post

I supposed to post this in my instagram story, but again (I believe this is the thousand times) I chose not to, because I think this is not really important for other people, because this is just about me and no one really need to know what I have in mind.

Well, it makes me smile seeing people share their stories of 2019. Some of their happiness and some of sadness, but at the end they being thankful for everything they had.

I can write a thousaaaands words and memories I had during this year, but it will be too much and I know you don’t care either.

But I want to leave it here, at least, to show universe that I survived and stand firmly until now.

Tahun ini seperti dipaksa dewasa, diperlihatkan dunia professional to the next level that I don’t think it’s the time yet. Dikuatkan hati untuk memaksa diri mengubah sikap demi kehidupan lebih baik. Otak terstimulate dengan sempurna untuk lebih peduli, lebih pintar memposisikan diri, lebih kuat untuk bertahan dengan satu tarikan nafas.

2019. To deal with something I used to deny, something I used to care but now I’m not, I used to tell people but now I don’t, something that matters for so many people including future me.

Tomorrow is just another day. I let my upcoming life define my resolution while I focus on one thing, keep sane with things I want to do and be nice to people.

I wish you and your loved ones happy new year 2020🖤

Salam Hombimba,



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